The ending of Avengers: Infinity War shocked most moviegoers. It was the first time Marvel committed to such a large scale of death in any of their movies. Commitment may be the wrong word though, as everyone knows that most of the deceased heroes will find their way back into the world of the living somehow. How could a character as lucrative as Black Panther or Spider-Man stay dead forever? Much like in the comic books, death is not permanent for our heroes, and fans can't wait to find out how Marvel will bring everyone back. 

According to Omega Underground’s Christopher Marc, reshoots for the still untitled Avengers 4 film will take place this Summer. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo shot Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 back to back, but like most movies on such a high scale, there will be reshoots to wrap up filming. 

Set photos from the set of Avengers 4 have already given fans big hints at what the plot may entail. Both Captain America and Thor have been pictured on set in their throwback costumes from the first Avengers film, with Thor rocking his original long hair. Keen-eyed fans also noticed that Captain America and Iron-Man were wearing watch looking devices on their hands, which may have something to do with time-manipulation. Ant-Man was also pictured on set with the squad, adding to speculation that the Quantum Realm will also play a large role in the film. Rumors will turn to reality (or not) when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.