Ava DuVernay has become one of the most sought-after film directors in recent time, striving through her efforts in Selma, 13th and A Wrinkle in Time. In the past, she's shown no issue in tackling stories that have been discussed in a limited fashion, bringing light to injustice and the black experience in America. Her upcoming venture is titled Central Park Five and it is set to premiere next year. Bringing in some star power for the cast, the Netflix series will be based on a true story, which will be told in four parts.

Michael K. Williams of The Wire, Bates Motel's Vera Farmiga and John Leguizamo from Ice Age are all slated to appear in the new series. Directed by DuVernay, Central Park Five will tell the story of five Harlem teenagers of color who were convicted of a rape they did not commit. Spanning from 1989 to 2014, the series will look at the case as a whole from the time the teens were first questioned about the incident to when a settlement was reached. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams was cast as Bobby McCray, father of one of the accused boys. Farmiga will play the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney and Leguizamo will portray the father of Raymond Santana Jr., one of the "Central Park Five."

Set to debut in 2019 on Netflix, a release date has not yet been penciled in by the producers.