Ava DuVernay is the creator and director behind Netflix's chilling drama When They See Us. The series follows the true story of the Central Park Five - the five young men who were arrested and convicted of a gruesome crime they did not commit. Ava recently responded to a lawsuit by John E. Reid and Associates who accused Ava and the streaming platform of defamation and now she's taking the time to show love to her individual projects for all the support she's received.  

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter, Ava sent out a note in appreciation for Nipsey Hussle's music accompanying the end credits for When They See Us. "For WHEN THEY SEE US, I wanted Nipsey’s voice to blanket the end credits and close the five-hour film. His estate gave me approval during a very hard time for them, with no monetary gain, just two weeks after his passing. A massive gift. Forever grateful," she wrote. 

"I feel very emotionally connected to anyone who I work with as an actor with my pieces," Ava told Deadline when discussing the series. "I feel that I have a responsibility towards them, and they have a responsibility towards me. I respect them and I expect to be respected."