Details from Prince's autopsy have finally emerged, and the early findings seem to confirm yesterday's troubling news -- namely that the late music icon had struggled with a serious opioid addiction that likely led to his shocking death. It was discovered yesterday that an opioid addiction specialist had been scheduled to meet with Prince on April 22, the day after he was found dead, and according to Minneapolis' 5 Eyewitness News, law enforcement sources have now revealed that the painkiller Percocet has been found in Prince's body. 

It is still unclear how much Percocet was present in Prince's system when he died, and authorities are still determining whether or not the drug was legally prescribed or obtained by other means. 

According to TMZ, there is an investigation underway regarding the possible overprescribing of the drug in question. Percocet was also the drug that led to Prince's near-overdose a few days before his death, reports TMZ. Minnesota law enforcement is apparently investigating three possible scenarios of criminal behavior: pharmacists knowingly overprescribing the painkiller, false aliases used by either Prince or his doctors in order to fill prescriptions, and multiple pharmacies unlawfully supplying Prince with the drugs. 

TMZ alleges that Prince had his prescriptions filled at least four times in the week before his death and that he apparently visited at least one pharmacy that was far away from the readily available drug stores near his residence. Check back soon as details from the autopsy continue to emerge.