Sneakerheads are traditionalists in numerous ways although if a technological advancement is intriguing enough, they will do their best to embrace it. For the most part, this has been the case with auto-lacing sneakers, which have exploded over the past five years thanks to Nike. Of course, it all started with the Nike HyperAdapt which was marketed as a basketball shoe. From there, The Nike Adapt BB improved upon the technology while also being a more cost-effective option.

More recent silhouettes like the Nike Auto Max and Nike Adapt Huarache have also been big sellers, and now, Jordan Brand is entering the self-lacing game with the Air Jordan 11 Adapt. This sneaker was teased just last month but thanks to @zsneakerheadz and @joehaden23, we now have an on-foot look at the shoe. As you can see in the clip below, as soon as you put these on, the sensors send a signal that immediately tightens up the laces. This creates a fairly robotic noise, that might be just a tad jarring, at first.

If you're looking to cop a pair, they will be released on December 30th for $500 USD. It's a steep price to pay but for this type of technology, the price tag is to be expected.