The perpetrator behind the Austin bombings that have killed two and injured another handful has been identified as Mark Conditt. Alongside his current acts of terror that have shaken residents of the Texas capital, the felon's equally troubling past admissions on societal concerns have come to light and have painted a portrait of a deeply troubled individual.

As a student at Austin Community College, Conditt partook in an American government class in 2012. While enrolled, the future assailant posted some blog entries that have recently resurfaced. With regards to being gay, Conditt admits that "homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies ... It would be like trying to fit two screws together and to nuts together and then say, 'see, it's natural for them to go together.'" 

According to Conditt, this unnatural human phenomenon should not worthy of governmental protection, comparing homosexual activity to pedophilia and bestiality. However, his bigotry did not stop there, as he tackled other issues such as free abortion, which he plainly disagrees with. Conditt states that "if you can't provide for a child, then don't have sex." He believes that if abortions should be administered as a perk, then so should male contraceptives such as condoms (which can be picked up free of charged from participating Planned Parenthood locations, as well as doctors offices.)

Furthermore, Conditt is also a proponent for eradicating the sexual offender registry, noting how "you have to really hate the guy to make him suffer for the rest of his life, even when his prison time is up."