In the wake of his 2015 “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett-Smith coming to light last July and sending the internet into a frenzy in the process, it seems to many that August Alsina has slowly crept back into the shadows.

A recent post that read, “August Alsina did allat just to be irrelevant again,” began making the rounds on the internet, eventually catching Alsina’s eye himself, and he had some words to get off his chest regarding the sentiment.

august alsina irrelevant tweet

Screenshot via Twitter

Alsina posted an IGTV video on Wednesday night in which he addressed the post, saying it’s something he normally wouldn’t pay any mind to, but felt a responsibility to set the record straight and challenge the notion of “relevancy” as a form of social currency.

Alsina said, “I want to say this to the young world; look, don’t feel pressured to constantly be on the internet, or whatever. When you feel like you need to take a break, for whatever reason it may be-- your spiritual maintenance, mental health, whatever it is-- do that shit, man." He then continued, “It’s weird ‘cause it’s kind of an oxymoron, ‘cause I’m irrelevant, yet...still in your mouth. Make that make sense.”

august alsina Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Alsina went on to say he’s been spending his time doing things he finds more productive than searching for acceptance in a “clout-driven society,” namely buying his two teenage nieces a house. Alsina took in his two nieces, who he calls his “naughters,” after his sister died of cancer in 2018 (their father was killed in a 2010 shooting), and has taken a step back from music in recent years to focus on his health and taking care of his nieces. For more details on the many struggles and setbacks Alsina has faced through out his career, read our piece here on "What Happened to August Alsina?"

Watch Alsina addressing the viral tweet in the video below.

The Smith family seems to have also put Jada's involvement with Alsina behind them, with Willow stating how proud she was of her mother for addressing the issue in a September episode of Jada's Facebook talk show, Red Table Talk.