August Alsina became a hot topic yesterday, when footage circulated from his Louisiana concert that showed him getting all up in a female fan's personal space. It resulted in a mini backlash of sorts, with some people claiming he took things too far, and perhaps this was fueled by the fact that the girl on stage really did look awkward.

However, it looks like that wasn't the case-- to get back at all the headlines, August Alsina hopped on twitter last night and shared a screenshot from the fan in question's Instagram page, where she wrote, "last night don't owe me anything" with a few telling emojis (the see-no-evil monkey, heart eyes, you get the idea). The r'n'b singer followed up the screenshot with a few words of his own, "S/O 2 that beautiful young lady. & to you ignorant mufukkas & weak ass blogs..TRY AGAIN! Christmas is near, I'll buy you all toys to play w/."

He added: "Dust yourself off, & TRY AGAIN."