We've seen August Alsina lash out when he thinks necessary in the past, and this past weekend while performing in St. Louis, August got into a bit of a scuffle backstage with the show promoters. 

Unfortunately, the fight went down at an event that was promoting non-violence--  proceeds from the show went towards the 'Put down the Pistol' program. The show was called 'State Of Emergency 2' and went down at the Chaifetz Arena on Saturday night.

A fight broke out between the show's promoter Loose Cannon Slim and Alsina, reportedly because Slim was upset that Alsina showed up late. What started off as an exchange of words soon became an exchange of fists.

There's some video footage of went down below. Fabolous was also in attendance, but he stayed clear of fighting.


[Update: More Details On Brawl Surface]

Yesterday we reported on a fight that took place between August Alsina and a concert promoter in St. Louis this past weekend. Now more video footage from the brawl has surfaced, as has a few new details as to what incited it.

Although it was initially reported that the fight occurred because Alsina showed up late, now reports say that it was because the singer was offended he had to perform before Migos. Apparently a scuffle first happened between the promoter Slim and Alsina in Alsina's dressing room, which led security guards at the venue to detain Slim's crew. Thus, when the second fight occurred (video footage above, as well as new footage below), Slim was solo but Alsina had his posse backing him up.

Check out the new footage below.