August Alsina might be considered a R&B singer, but he’s always been real with the streets. On Friday, TMZ reported a story claiming August flashed a gun to a group of fans to get them to back off while harassing him.

Law enforcement reportedly told TMZ that August was shopping at a Food 4 Less grocery store around 9 PM Wednesday night in the San Fernando Valley when three ladies and a man hounded him to take pictures with them. TMZ was told that the singer told them he wasn't feeling well, most likely due to the liver disease he’s battling, but the fans didn’t care. An employee saw it happening and called cops.

Sources say when August left the store, the group followed him. August then proceeded to his car, where he grabbed a gun, put in his waistband & showed the butt of the gun as the group approached.

August was long gone by the time cops showed up, but law enforcement sources say cops determined the singer did not point the gun at the group or make any verbal threats. Cops took down a brandishing firearm report, but ultimately they said it was a matter of he-said, she-said and the case will likely go nowhere.