Ben Askren's UFC debut at UFC 235 this past weekend ended with a controversial submission victory over former Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler, after referee Herb Dean stopped the fight in the first round.

Lawler, who landed several big shots on Askren in the opening round, later found himself in a bulldog headlock and appeared to be knocked out, just as Dean called the fight thinking that Lawler's arm had gone limp.

However, footage showed that Lawler was giving the ref a thumbs up, and he was more than alert after Askren loosened his grip. Naturally, Lawler instantly protested the loss.

Today, UFC has released audio which reveals that Lawler was just as forgiving when speaking with Dean immediately after his initial outburst.

Transcribed by Anton Tabuena of Bloody Elbow:

Lawler: “What the [expletive] are you doing?!”

Dean: “I thought you…”

Lawler: “I didn’t. What the [expletive]?!”

Dean: [Inaudible]

Lawler: “I know. It’s alright.”

Lawler: “Herb. Herb. Hey. Hey, don’t [expletive] worry about it. You’re a [expletive] hell of a ref.

Dean: “No, man. No. I don’t understand how, like… I saw your arm (go) limp, I grabbed it. But I didn’t know.”

Lawler: “and then I gave you a thumbs up.”

Dean: “I didn’t know. I didn’t see you give me a thumbs up.”

Lawler: “It happens man. If [expletive] happens.”