As R. Kelly prepares for his upcoming trial, new audio alleges that the singer became angry with girlfriend Joycelyn Savage after she spoke with her parents about their relationship. The Blast claims that the audio footage they've obtained features Savage speaking with her vocal coach about an argument she had with Kelly. On the tape, Savage recounts in detail what went down and how Kelly told her she had to "earn his trust back."

In the clip, the woman that reportedly is Savage explains to her coach that she told Kelly that she was honest with her parents, letting them know that she and Kelly were carrying on a sexual relationship. "I just told him that, you know me and my parents...I told them how much we really like each other," Joycelyn says in the audio clip. She goes to explain that she also told her parents that she and Kelly were "messing around."

According to reports, Savage initially flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2015 with the understanding that Kelly would be her mentor as she developed her singing career. "He can’t trust me," the woman goes on to say in the clip. "I have to gain his trust back because he really likes me a lot." She also says that Kelly asked her to send him a text stating “I lied about me and you having sex,” just in case he needed to use it in his defense.

To make matters worse, the woman also says that she may have contracted an STD from Kelly and she was afraid of her father finding out. During the conversation, the vocal coach repeatedly tells Savage that she shouldn't have told Kelly anything and presses to know the details of their exchange.