We recently had Audio Push by the office, where they sat down with us to discuss their new album 90951 which dropped last Friday. At the beginning of the week we shared a clip from the duo where they spoke on Kid Cudi's impact on hip-hop and the shout out he give the duo on twitter recently, which if you missed you can catch below.

In this part of the interview, they share insight as to life in Inland Empire, and reveal some facts about it too (who knew Price owned a barbecue restaurant in the I.E.?). Price and Oktane also break down their album title, 90951, which at first glance appears to be a zip code, but in actuality is two zip codes from the I.E. merged into one: "it's the life code."

They go on to touch on Hit-Boy's production featured on 90951, and staying loyal to their day one collaborators rather then running to producers-of-the-moment like Metro Boomin.

"We wanted to commit our debut album to the people that been rockin' with us as far as producers. It wouldn't have been fair to go out and try and get Metro beats or things like that, don't get it twisted Metro beats are awesome, but we just gotta keep it organic and catered to our sound and vibe," Price says. 

Finally, they discuss the content of their album and avoiding trendy subject matter like Xanax and lean.

"We don't wanna rap about xans and lean and stupid shit-- to each his own, get it how you live, if that's your reality," Price says, with Oktane adding, "Understand we're not downing it, we're not downing it, just there's so many other kids in the world that don't xan, don't lean, do other shit besides turn up every day, and just wanna live life and do better and be better. There's people that wanna love their girlfriends, and have fun, and do regular shit, and we're the kids that represent that." Oktane concludes, "The turn-up lasts for the weekend, and after those two-three days, what life music do you have? We make life music."