We recently teamed with Inland Empire duo Audio Push to premiere their latest single "Planet Earth Is Live," and the group provided us with a keen bit of insight about their upcoming album:

"We decided to call this album the LAST LIGHTS LEFT because that is what we feel like we are to the music industry and sometimes the world! In a generation where everything is cool to be dark, satanic, killing in every other rap bar, No creativity or originality in the music, fake people [and] fake winning, we just realized we are THE LAST LIGHTS TO SHINE ON THE DARKNESS. This is the start of a new beginning for Audio Push and The Good Vibe Tribe. No Labels. No Boundaries!"

With "Planet Earth Is Live" steady racking up both plays and praise, Oktane and Price have decided to make it official. The group took to Twitter to announce Last Lights Left, dropping on September 1st, 2017. In addition, Audio Push shared a heavy album trailer, featuring some disturbing themes and visuals. There's even a content warning. Beneath the video, a single caption: "Everyone has battles with light and dark. This is theirs."

On the surface, the trailer presents themes like suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and the ultimate arrival of hope. As the group seems to struggle with the battle between light and dark, the visual manifestation of that struggle appears in the form of a handgun being jammed by a flower. With that in mind, it seems as if Last Lights Left will be a personal album for Audio Push - perhaps their most personal project yet.

What do you think? With clips of this nature, it's easy to read into every minute details (the nose piercing represents the piercing gaze of society), so it could very well be a cool visual and nothing more. Still, the promo material does center around the dichotomy of light and dark, so at the very least, we should be in for something slightly conceptual in nature. If you haven't already, go stream the project's first single right here.