Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. had a year-long affair that began on set of season 5 of The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. Things abruptly ended when Donald's wife Vanessa found text messages from Aubrey in her husband's phone, leading the "soulmates" to end their affair. Aubrey has now opened up about her time with Donald more than she ever has before, detailing how she hopes to find someone like him again one day.

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"We both thought we were each other’s soulmates," Aubrey said, via Yahoo. "It’s something we spoke about often. A soulmate is someone you spend a period of time, moment, of life with that you’re connected as one. I had that with Don."

On the topic of ever getting back together with Donald Jr., Aubrey said his new life is not the person she knows. "I think he closed the chapter when he went the direction that he did. He’s chosen to be in the life that he’s in now and be the person that he is now, and that’s not the person that I fell in love with," she explained. As for what she's looking for now, Aubrey hopes to find someone "kind."

"Life is more enjoyable when you’re around kind people. Positivity is also a big one, and obviously, I’m attracted to motivated, driven people that reach for their dreams and get there."

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