Atmosphere "Ear Blister" Video

Rose Lilah
January 28, 2015 16:49

Watch an old music video from Atmosphere that just made it's way online today, "Ear Blister."

Oh shit! What have we here. This is some real vintage Atmosphere that never saw the light of day until now. Back when it was Urban Atmosphere, and the group also included MC Spawn, they had plans to release a compilation album with the whole Headshots crew (The Abstract Pack, Phull Surkle, Urban Atmosphere, Black Hohl, Beyond, and more). The album even had a title set, Eighteen Shots On A Bus In The Middle Of Nowhere, and Atmosphere had recorded this single "Ear Blister" in addition to filming a video for it. This was around 1995, but the compilation never materialized, and so neither did the single nor visual. Atmosphere continued to perform "Ear Blister" at live events, though, and today Rhymesayers decided to liberate "Ear Blister" in full for the very first time- so check out a very young Slug and Spawn in the video above. You'll probably need to go put on Overcast! after this.

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