Nothing excites the imagination like the prospect of a good orgy.

#ATLOrgy started trending on Twitter this Wednesday after a woman named Cidney G sent out an invitation to her upcoming 27th birthday. Themed "Total Liberation," the party promises to be nothing short of a night-long orgy. 

The invitation:

This event is nothing like you have ever attended. I was going to do just a regular 7 hour party but was NOT ENOUGH!

This is my 27th birthday and this overnight event will encompass everything I love and adore:

Great vibes, Good Ratchet Music, Amazing Food and Swangin Balls!

First thing’s first:

SEX IS ALLOWED! And nudity is 100% encouraged! There will be no place where you will get the urge to get frisky and can’t! There will be lots of ass, moans of pleasure and of course …watching.

This is all about FREEDOM and reconnecting to the carefree part of who you are. That’s why this is a slumber party in a place where you can drink, dance, fuck, pass out then sleep in late!

I want this event to be the place where you make your sexual fantasies come true.

The party will take place at a secret location on Atlanta on the night of March 18th. Cidney originally planned to cap the event at 35 guests but has since secured a larger venue due to overwhelming demand. Entry costs $99.99 for single women, $175 for single men and $175 for couples. 

Condoms will be provided and safe sex will be encouraged. But that didn't stop the denizens of Twitter from roasting #ATL partygoers: