Now, we all know that health and government officials have urged people to practice social distancing and self-isolation while they try to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. This means that most restaurants, clubs, and stores have closed their doors for the time being for the sake of public. Atlanta's Magic City might be feeling the effects of coronavirus -- announcing that they'd be shutting down the club a few days ago -- but they're getting creative with how they're offering services. 

You and your friends might not be able to have a drink at the strip club during these times but if you have a bottle at home, you still have access to virtual services from the strippers. For $20, Magic City is offering Instagram users to be added to their "close friends list" where they offer virtual strip club services including interactive lap dances and stage sets. 

Magic City isn't the only strip club that got creative with the way they've approached the pandemic. Little Darlings in Las Vegas is now offering "drive-up window strip shows," director of operations Ryan Carlson told Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Guests can drive up to the front door and we’re going to have dancers separate by the 6-foot separation rule and they can enjoy a totally nude show right from the seat of their car," he added.

Keeping to the theme of coronavirus, he revealed that they'll be hosting a "XXX hand-sanitizer nude wrestling show" with 20 gallons of hand-sanitizer. Given the fact that he previously acknowledged the 6-foot separation rule and the shortage of hand sanitizer in certain places, there's gotta be something in the water in Florida.