Super Bowl weekend is nearly upon us and many are already planning how to celebrate the big day, including strip clubs in Atlanta. According to TMZ, three of them–Magic City, The Cheetah and Blue Flame Lounge–went to the city council to convince to alter a few rules for the weekend of February the 3rd and the whole week surrounding it. 

The issue the clubs had is that in Atlanta, you can't keep your strip club open on Sundays, the Lord's day, unless you also serve food at the establishment. Strange, yes, but it's the rule. The three clubs went to the city to get an exemption for Super Bowl Sunday and, somehow, they got it. Not only that, but they were also granted later hours for every day of the week leading up to the big game, so they'll start shuffling "football fans" out the door at 4am instead of 3. 

The clubs in question are also bringing in their own special halftime shows for the day and, unsurprisingly, this is less controversial than Travis Scott's official show. Magic City is apparently hiring Cardi B's acrobatic back-up dancers from her Coachella set, which means they're expecting a big day, because Cardi apparently spent 300k on that one show: