A celebrated and (now) Emmy-nominated show that's one of the best out there right now, Atlanta fans have been early awaiting the second season of the comedy series. It recently picked up Emmy nods for Best Comedy Series and Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Donald Glover, further cementing its reputation as a television entity that's at the forefront of American culture right now. To add to that growing reputation, another key member of the cast, Lakeith Stanfield, recently sounded off on some of the things fans can expect from the new slate of episodes, which debut sometime in 2018. 

The cast of Atlanta is about to assemble to start shooting the new season and, although Stanfield hasn't read the new scripts for the FX series, he's sure that, if nothing else, the comedy will be as topical as possible. "I’m sure the current events going on will influence the writers to put something in there," he said. "I think they’ve written it, but I haven’t seen anything yet, but I’ve been hearing some interesting things." When asked about how much more in-depth the writing will go, especially considering last season's transcendent "BAN" episode, Stanfield believes the stakes will definitely be raised in Season 2. "Believe me, they’re paying attention, and they’re very good at being detail-oriented in that way. They’re licked thumb out into the wind and feeling where things are going and into the universe that is Atlanta," the actor explained.

Another noteworthy role that Stanfield recently undertook was being a part of the cast of Jay-Z's "Moonlight" video, which featured the likes of Jerrod Carmichael and Tiffany Haddish, among others. He was asked about what his take on the video's concept was and, surprisingly, he didn't have a metaphorically-charged answer. "[I though] it’d be fun, and it might get people interested in the conversation," he said.
"That’s pretty much it, it wasn’t that deep to me." Though it may not have been "deep" as an experience for Stanfield, he did add that the fountain scene was "really, really fun. I thought that was great. That was my favorite part."

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