Sometimes the Internet can be filled with all kinds of negative and mean comments about endless topics. But on the flipside, it can also be filled with hilarious commentary and memes that leave you in tears. The last example was the case when it came to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms who was hilariously roasted for her holiday Mac and Cheese that she swears wasn't as dry as it looked. 

The photo of the beloved dish, as seen below, wasn't the most attractive photo she could have taken and people were not shy about calling her out.

"This picture dried out my contact lens," one user wrote, with another adding, "I feel like someone threw uncooked noodles & shredded cheese in the dish & expected a different outcome."

Keisha followed up on the banter admitting that she was laughing at the responses herself. "Cracking me up. My mama said, “Oooh, it does look dry, but it wasn’t. That’s what you get for posting.” She’d be the first to toss it."

Even Stouffer's, a frozen food brand known for prepared dishes such as lasagna and mac and cheese, tweeted at the Mayor telling her they'll have her back next time.

Peep some more funny reactions below.