There's no disputing that many people have love for Beyonce and Jay-Z, known in some circles as The Carters. Now, with an ongoing On The Run 2 tour in process, another fan has come forth to sing their praises. As it happens, the fan is none other than Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms. Having linked up with the artists during their back-to-back Atlanta stops, Bottoms took to Instagram to reflect on her encounter.

"When The Carters sell out OTRII two nights in a row," writes Bottoms, "You know you’re in Wakanda!!!" She proceeds to flex her own rhyming chops, signing off with "all is well in the A with Jay & Bey!" Clearly, the love is felt by both parties. In the picture, Jay can be seen holding a congratulatory plaque, in the middle of letting out a mirthful guffaw. Beyonce herself is nowhere to be seen, though it's safe to assume she's appreciative of the Atlanta love, bestowed by both both fan and politician alike. 

It's evident that mayor Bottoms is down with hip-hop culture. Aside from this, she recently partook in a 10K for charity, running alongside the legendary Jeezy. You've gotta respect that, given the average politician's experience with hip-hop. Suffice it to say, the rap community can benefit from allies in positions of power. Shout out to mayor Bottoms for this one.