The Seattle Seahawks moved decisively past the Detroit Lions this past weekend, putting them squarely in the sights of the #2 seed Atlanta Falcons. Each couch undoubtedly has special strategies laid out for this game, but the Falcons stadium DJ, DJ Envy, has his own plans to throw Russell Wilson off his game by “fitting in as many Future records as [he] can get away with.”

A similar strategy has been used before. During last year’s playoff matchup between the Seahawks and Carolina Panthers, the Panthers team DJ played a ton of Future during warm ups, including songs off the just-release Purple Reign mixtape. The Seahawks proceeded to get destroyed 31-0 in the first half before coming back to finish the game 31-24.

Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn (who is a former Seattle defensive coordinator) told a reporter they “will absolutely not” be requesting additional Future songs for the pregame mix. That doesn’t mean Atlanta’s DJ can’t do it on his own though.

DJ Envy has shared a pregame playlist on Instagram that he’s titled “Future Mix For Russell,” and it is chock full of Future tracks. He pointed out to Complex that, because it’s Atlanta (Future’s hometown) he plays a lot of Future anyway and so far no one has told him he can't.

We’ll see what happens come Saturday afternoon. For what it’s worth, Russell has probably built up a pretty thick skin after an entire year of getting bombarded by the Future Hive.