Jackson Bush, a security guard who was hired to work at Travis Scott's 2021 Astroworld Festival, says he was given the job "on the spot” with minimal prior experience and having never been to a concert before. Eight people ended up dying and hundreds more were injured at the event following a crowd surge during Scott's performance.

“I don’t believe I was prepared,” Bush said. “I believe if we were all prepared the right way, that stuff would not have happened the way it did. Honestly, even with the amount of people that passed and went unconscious … the amount of injuries could have been avoided.”

Security, Astroworld
Alex Bierens de Haan / Getty Images

Bush worked the event alongside his uncle, who claims his hand was broken during the crowd surge. Bush also says he was traumatized by the experience. 

Bush says he was informed that he'd be paid $17 per hour through Cash App for his work at the event, but has yet to receive the money. He allegedly didn't have to provide an I.D. nor go through a background check to land the job.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed accusing Scott and other organizers of the festival of negligence. San Antonio attorney Thomas J. Henry recently said he expects his clients to receive billions in damages.