Yesterday (Aug. 6th) marked nine months since Chicago rapper King Von was tragically shot and killed at the age of 26. Asian Doll, Von's girlfriend at the time, has been an open book during the grieving process. She's aired out her emotions on Twitter and oftentimes, takes to social media to reminisce on the times they shared together. Today, Asian Doll shared a series of heartbreaking tweets where she revealed that she's still grieving the death of Von.

"Bro I will give up everything just to have 1 more conversation with von shid even a hug," she wrote this morning. After nine months, it seems the loss hasn't gotten any easier for her.

The following tweets established themselves as more of a cry for help. Asian Doll described the depression she's dealt with in recent months and the lingering feeling of losing someone extremely close. "Ever felt like you wanna die?" she wrote. "Extremely hurt & lost."

"Nothing has ever broken me but this right here breaking me into pieces I hope one day I stop feeling like this," she shared in a subsequent tweet. Fans rushed to her side with encouraging replies. One user offered some uplifting words on the grieving process. "Grief comes in waves babe. One day you’ll feel okay and one day you’ll feel like you’re drowning. I watched two women burry their husbands and the pain you feel is very real! It’s especially hard when the passing of your loved one is unexpected," the tweet read. 

Our hearts are with Asian Doll.

Check out the tweets below: