When King Von passed away back in November, many of his closest friends expressed shock and grief over the news. No one is supposed to lose their life at the age of 26 and many were distraught at the fact that such a massive talent could be taken so soon. Perhaps the hardest hit by the news was Asian Doll who has renamed herself Queen Von on social media. Since Von's passing, Asian Doll has been making sure to honor Von whenever she can, all while spending time with his kids.

In a now-deleted tweet, Asian Doll explained that she gave a special gift to Von's kids, which was $7,000. Weirdly enough, she claimed that she didn't post it, which is exactly what she did with that tweet. Perhaps the contradiction is ultimately why she felt the need to delete her proclamation.

Regardless, the money will certainly go a long way and it's a pretty nice gesture all things considered. Asian Doll is trying to have a relationship with Von's kids and hopefully, that will continue to blossom as they grow up. It's clear that Asian Doll loved Von and that love has made its way to his children.

We can only imagine what those kids will want to do with the $7K. Perhaps a new PS5 and some video games are in order.

Asian Doll

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET