As she continues to publicly grieve the loss of King Von, Asian Doll has a message for people who place her name in unrelated conflict. Earlier this month, the shocking news of King Von's murder stunned the rap community, and his girlfriend Asian Doll has taken to social media to mourn his loss. She's spoken openly about their relationship and shared photos and videos of them together, but she recently took to Twitter to vocalize her anger toward publications that attempt to involve her in beef or scandal that she isn't apart of.

She didn't name anyone specifically, but outlets have been speculating about Von's killers and other rappers linked to his death. "Stop screenshotting my tweets putting them in beef I’m in my own f*cking world talking to MY fans you b*tch ass blogs playing with people life way to f*cking much I’m finna start suing y’all cause wtf is wrong with y’all seriously all this real sh*t going on," wrote Asian Doll.

The rapper wasn't quite finished because she didn't appreciate people taking her words out of context and possibly creating more issues where they didn't need to be any. "ANYTHING I TWEET HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH NOBODY NO BEEF NO NOTHING!!" she added. "This sh*t not funny or a joke or entertainment this REAL life so stop playing with me cause I’m not on no negative sh*t I talk to my fans so you b*tch ass blogs go find another d*ck to ride cause this ain’t DAT!"

Check out her messages below.