Asia Argento took to Twitter to warn Rose McGowan of potential legal action. She claims she will pursue legal suits if McGowan does not retract her claims describing how she found out that Argento paid off actor Jimmy Bennett, who previously reported that Argento sexually assaulted him when he was seventeen.

Before all of this, the two shared a previous friendship, uniting to level similar allegations against Harvey Weinstein. However, the narrative has shifted, as reports against Argento question her involvement in the #MeToo movement, and women empowerment movements in general. Further reports suggest that Argento paid Bennett $380,000 to keep quiet about their affair, which transpired before he was legal. Argento denies the affair ever existed and said that her late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, fronted the cash. 

McGowan put out claims that state her significant other, Rain Dove, told her that Argento willingly admitted to sleeping with Bennet while he was underage; not only that, but she's reportedly been receiving photos of nudity from him since he was twelve years old. McGowan also states that Argento has repeatedly told her that she was being blackmailed with a provocative image, and was being milked for monthly sums of cash. McGowan has issued a lengthy official statement regarding the scenario that you can read here.

[via Variety]