Asia Argento is now facing another series of allegations stemming from unsolicited sex videos an English comedian claims he received back in June. Jeff Leach shared the story on a postdated episode of the Legion of Skanks podcast. Leach alleges that the topless video was sent without warning through their shared connection on Snapchat.

"That girl (Argento) sent me pictures of her titties on Snapchat when I was with my girlfriend,' said Leach to his hosts. "She knew I was with my girlfriend and we were friends and she sends me this video with her tits out, like: 'Hey Jeff.' And I just replied: 'You cant send me that shit'."

Leach who was dating somebody at the time, claims Argento was aware of his exclusive arrangement with said partner, and pushed ahead all the same. When it occurred, Asia Argento was coming off a divorce settlement with the father of her child, Michele Civetta.

If his defensive posture seems at all odd to you, it's because Jeff Leach is in actual fact, a recovering sex addict who had gone to bed with over 300 women before the age of 27. His consternation for Asia Argento preceded the news that she had slept with a minor and paid him hush money in the hundreds of thousands.