Before Ashton Kutcher was ever with Mila Kunis or Demi Moore the actor was dating 22-year-old model Ashley Ellerin. On February 21, 2001 Ashley attempted to make a date with Ashton but he declined. Later in the evening, however, Ashley asked Ashton to hang out again where he finally decided to meet her at night, Uproxx reports.

As the story goes, Ashton drove to Ashley's apartment at 10:45 PM and when he arrived her car was in her driveway and her lights were on. When he knocked on her door and she didn't answer, he suspected she was mad at him for not wanting to hang out earlier in the day. When Ashton looked through the window, he saw what he thought was spilled wine, but only until later did he realize it was blood. 

C Flanigan/FilmMagic/Getty

Ashley had been stabbed almost 47 times when she was getting ready to meet Ashton and it was her roommate who found her body. The case went unsolved for years until detectives linked her murder to other victims and came to find that the suspect was Michael Gargiulo, the so-called “Hollywood Ripper.”

The publication now reports that Ashton may testify as he's a “crucial witness” to the crime. The trial began just yesterday and is expected to go on for several months.