Ashley Madison, the site which has gained notoriety for being a locus for infidelity and extra-marital affairs, seems to only be growing in ubiquity with each new member signing on to its services. Following a 2015 data breach that revealed the names of millions of users, the company has been able to recover from that blunder and snag millions of new signees eager to commit adultery. 

In 2017, 5.7 million people have created new accounts on the website, with 50% of its active users being women. While that may be down from 2016's 7.2 million cume, total revenues in the U.S have soared nearly 17 percent throughout the previous twelve months.

A reputable accounting firm was hired by Ashley Madison to perform a statistical analysis on the website to gain insight into their vast pool of users, which reveals an average of 15,542 new profiles were created daily in 2017. 

"[This] was the first step in communicating to our members and potential members that we had listened to them, and were now dedicated to being what we’ve always been — the leader in the married-dating space," notes Paul Keable, who oversees the website's communications.

Ashley Madison is giving users more control over what information can be displayed in their profiles alongside a more discrete sign-up process, in an effort to ensure a more private experience.