Earlier this week we posted about Ashley Graham's Allure magazine feature where she detailed a time she vacationed in Italy with her husband, Justin Ervin, and he was spit on for being Black. "It can make you really angry. But it’s like, how are you going to change that anger into a teachable moment?" she said. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Now just a couple days later, Ashley has shared a disturbing post to her Instagram story, showing an email she received from a racist troll telling her to leave her husband. The subject line from a man named Sterling read "I detest everything you represent" and the body of the message was all sorts of disturbing. 

"You are not plus size — you are FAT and definitely not as attractive as you think you are. Big t**s do not make a woman — a big heart does and yours is as small as your pea brain," the message read.

"There is a silver lining — interracial marriage has a very high divorce rate. So here’s some advice — dump some weight, including that brain dead n***a hubby of yours. Get a brain yourself and marry a good White man and have a dozen beautiful White children instead of any ugly [kids]…with your…husband."