Asher Roth's second studio album is receiving a name change, mostly due in part to Frank Ocean's album sharing a similar title.

Roth's LP was set to be called Is This Too Orange? However, the Def Jam rapper wants to avoid comparisons with his label mate's album, Channel Orange, so he's going to avoid the 'orange' theme.

While talking to Karmaloop TV, Roth shared the news (via HHDX).

"Yeah, it’s tough. Obviously, the initial title of the album was Is This Too Orange? and out of respect for Frank, and the project that he put together, he kind of beat me to the punch. So whatever, whatever," he said. "I just want to make sure that we have an original idea. I don’t want any connotation or any comparisons or anything like that, just simply off of a name. We might have to start fresh from a namesake, might have the fans name it, and we’ll see what’s up."

Watch the full interview below.