If you've been searching for Ashanti news online in 2019, chances are you've seen the versatile vocalist in her bikini because she's been making major headlines over her insane physique. Her musical prime may have been years ago but the 38-year-old is still turning heads around the world in her jaw-dropping fashion ensembles. Recently, she's been promoting the hell out of her collaboration with PrettyLittleThing and as part of her contract with them, she performed at their New York Fashion Week display. People were definitely talking about her appearance afterwards too and after you see the photos, you'll know just why. 

The sensational singer is well-known for her revealing looks, upping her game this year and sharing plenty of beachside photos for all of her fans to use as workout motivation. Topping the fit with a large-brimmed hat, Ashanti showed off her cleavage in a skin-tight green and black top, opting to get a little risky on the bottom. Taking a pointer from Megan Thee Stallion and her recent style choices, the Murder Inc princess rocked a pair of assless chaps, sporting a tiny g-string thong to cover her modesty. The barely-there underwear was seriously a bold statement but Ashanti knows how good she looks. Why not show it off?

What do you think of her look from this weekend? Feeling it or nah? Check the third photo in the slideshow below.