Ashanti may be one of the best-known female R&B voices of the past 20 years, but that doesn't mean she's getting any sympathy from those she's having damaging encounters with on the streets of Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the singer and her mother were involved in a fender bender during what seemed to be more or less like a routine paparazzi Q&A. They asked Ashanti about James Franco, the #MeToo movement, and Scarlett Johnasson's curious defense of Woody Allen, another Hollywood veteran who has come under fire with allegations of sexual misconduct against him surfacing once again. Ashanti claims that she's all about "girl power," women sticking together, but I guess that doesn't include the woman who got her car swiped by the SUV the singer's mother was driving.

As you can see from the above video, Ashanti's mother stopped after hitting the small sedan, but only momentarily. The report states that the singer took down the other woman's name and information, but apparently didn't offer up any of her own information. Therefore, the woman who was hit by the songstress' mother says she'll be treating this like a hit-and-run incident.

Ashanti's reps were contacted and offered the chance to comments, but so far there has been no public acknowledgment or explanation for the incident. Let's hope that this unfortunate turn of events sorts itself out amicably and doesn't result in further legal struggles down the road.

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