If you've been keeping track of Ashanti's social uploads, you know that she clearly still has a banging body. At 38-years-old, the Murder Inc. affiliate is looking better than she ever has in her life. She's been busy posting shots of herself chilling by the beach in a selection of different form-fitting bikinis, which were all designed by herself and  Pretty Little Thing. Ashanti has been promoting the hell out of her swimwear collection but she's still working hard on her music too. During a recent concert, she brought her insane levels of sex appeal to the stage and proved to everybody why she can easily be considered one of the baddest in the game.


The star brought one of her male fans on stage and sat him down in a chair before putting a nice little blindfold over his eyes. What happened made that guy the luckiest man alive. Ashanti ended up giving him a lap dance in front of thousands of her fans before she reached down and grabbed the guy's junk. "It could be yours if I was yo lady," she wrote as her caption. 

She actually shared several photos from this exact moment. Clearly, she was feeling him as much and he was feeling her.