Ashanti has been an HNHH darling of sorts over the last few years thanks to her numerous thirst traps on Instagram. The singer has never been afraid to show off her body and her curves so it's no surprise that she did the exact same thing during a recent event. Fans are typically huge fans of her outfits but earlier this week, she was body-shamed by a random Twitter user for not just her outfit choice, but her complexion as well.

In the Tweet below, @vuhsechi questions Ashanti on her inner thighs and how they appear darker than the rest of her body. While this is simply Shanti's natural look, the Twitter user seemed to take exception to it.

As you can imagine, the tweet didn't go over well with Ashanti's fanbase and they ended up rushing to her defense. Many were quick to point out that what she was being roasted for is actually natural and many people have that very same feature. Her fans praised the singer for being comfortable enough in her own skin and showing off every single part of her body, even if it isn't "perfect." 

Even with this particular body-shamer out in the open, we're sure Ashanti will continue to show off her curves just like she has been. It would be a shame if she stopped because of one little hater.

Check out some of the reactions below.