A$AP Rocky saw a lot of success in a very short period of time. It all started with his "Purple Swag" video going viral, and a major label deal and impressive mixtape soon followed. The man behind A$AP Rocky, who helped make it all happen for the New York rapper, is A$AP Yams. Many people are familiar with his name but don't really know what exactly Yams does for the A$AP Mob. The New Yorker was recently profiled by The New York Times, and explains he is pretty much the boss.

Yams explains that Rocky is like Luke Skywalker, and he is like Rocky's Yoda. "I mean, like, realistically, I'm the boss. I'm the boss of the whole operation. Nothing goes through without me and Rocky approving it first, and whatever Rocky does, I make sure I'm hands on with all that stuff. I would say Rocky is Luke Skywalker and I'd probably be Yoda. Whenever he wants some advice on life or his career, he just comes to me. I'm the spirit guide."

The A$AP Mob member continues to comment on Rocky's debut album, which debuted at #1. He responds to criticism about Rocky not 'sounding' like he's from New York as well. "Long.Live.A$AP is a New York record, first and foremost. It fellows a similar formula I would say to Life After Death by Notorious B.I.G., Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z," Yams said, "People could say anything they want about Rocky, talk about 'oh he sounds like he's from here, he sounds like he's from there,' I don't care what nobody says, people don't know what New York rap sounds like in 2012, 'cause it's been so messed up for the past five years. How do you know what New York rap sound like?"

Check out The New York Times' profile on A$AP Yams below.