Following the success of Yams Day 2020, which we had the pleasure of attending earlier this month, all eyes are on the entire A$AP Mob to release something new on the music side to get us feeling cozy again for the new decade. While no official word has been announced so far, it looks like A$AP TyY might have some insider knowledge of when we can expect Cozy Tapes Vol. 3 to drop.

When Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends dropped in 2016, we were all under the impression that we'd be getting a new chapter at least every year or so after Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy followed in 2017. Well, it's now been three years since the last volume and we're all ready for another tape in the series. TyY jumped on Twitter yesterday morning (January 30) to see if fans were actually interested by simply writing "Cozy Tapes 3," with a thinking face emoji. With close to 2,000 retweets and over 6,000 likes on his post, we'll go out on a limb and say the answer is an unanimous "yes." He followed up by writing two minutes later, "Shit Could Change ova Night [sic]" with the ever-illusive sunglasses smiley emoji, which honestly could mean anything.

As we wait to see whether he was just trolling or testing us to see if we're all ready for a surprise drop, one thing that's clear is that Cozy Tapes 3 is without a doubt highly-anticipated. Let us know if you agree by sounding off down in the comments, but in the meantime check out one of our favorite cuts from A$AP Mob below: