A$AP Rocky does not do things in a conventional manner. He never has and he likely never will. You always are left guessing when it comes to when he's dropping, where he's dropping and how he's dropping. Testing was kept a mystery for much of this year and it features some of the best songs of 2018. While the album as a whole is less appreciated by fans, individual songs like "Fukk Sleep" and "Praise The Lord" receive a lot of shine. With his new tour announcement, many have been keeping an eye on the artist and a new song seems to have surfaced from out of nowhere.

Yesterday, "Sundress" with Tame Impala showed up on Vimeo and diehard fans of the artist were quick to find it before it was put on private. Unfortunately, things like this happen sometimes. Some fans got their screen-capture working to record the clip, sharing the new song with the world. From the sounds of it, it sounds on par or better than most of Testing. It's difficult to determine what this might mean in terms of a new album. The tour announced by Rocky is called Injured Generation. Could we be inching towards a new album of the same title?

The track being sampled here is "Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?" from Tame Impala's 2010 album. You can listen to the song via Highsnobiety here.