A$AP Rocky's known for being a fashion killa and not too long ago he stunned on a few red carpets showing off his new trend, a Babushka. Not just any Babushka though, a Gucci headpiece to let us know he means high fashion business. The "Praise The Lord" rapper recently caught up with GQ Magazine and talked about his fashion sense, detailing how the headscarf was really a strategical way to hide a head injury.

"It was inspired by a situation I had where my face got cut, and I started walking around with a Babushka to cover it. It was about last September," he told the publication. "It started with a yellow one when I was on Trevor Noah's show. I actually did a Vogue shoot the day after I got my face slashed."

 Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

When asked how the injury came about, Rocky said it happened while riding a "Razor scooter" where a wheelie went wrong resulting in a "fucking big gash" on his face

"Had to get plastic surgery and here we are," he said. "Honestly, it was inspired by Alfalfa—you ever see the Little Rascals, when he pretended to have a toothache? I kind of wanted to make it look like that. Basically on some shit so in case Trevor Noah asked me, I was just gonna be like, “I have a toothache.”