When it originally dropped in December of 2017, A$AP Ferg and Nicki Minaj's "Plain Jane" quickly became one of the following year's biggest anthems. So much so that the pair have raised the bar for their next collaboration, one that appears to have already been completed. In fact, we recently heard a snippet of the track back in May, when DJ Clue hopped onto Instagram Live and previewed the unreleased banger. Unfortunately, it's unclear as to whether the track will ever release in an official capacity -- though A$AP Rocky appears gung-ho on making it happen.

A$AP Ferg Nicki Minaj

 Sean Zanni/Getty Images

Today, Flacko Jodye took to Twitter to encourage his groupmate to hurry up and drop the track, a request that will hopefully yield fast-acting results. "SUMBODY TELL @ASAPferg 2 DROP DAT SHIT WIT HIM N NICKI ASAP," writes Rocky, inviting his followers to flood Ferg's mentions with their demands. 

Of course, this is the rap game, where decisions are oftentimes more calculated than they appear. Perhaps Rocky's tweet is but the first pebble in the proverbial rockslide, in which the endgame is Ferg and Nicki's song arriving to a gang of eager fans. Purely speculative, of course, but don't be surprised if Ferg acquiesces to Rocky's request, coming through with his follow-up to "Plain Jane" at long last. Are you excited for this one?