A$AP Rocky's troubling Swedish arrest continues to spell trouble for the beloved rapper slash fashion icon. After being arrested as a result of a street brawl gone awry (though video evidence strongly points to Rocky and his camp being provoked), Rocky has since been held in Stockholm on assault charges. Due to the ongoing investigation, Rocky will ultimately miss out on his upcoming Wireless headlining gig, which was to transpire on Sunday, 7 July. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Unfortunately for Rocky, prosecutors have deemed him to be a flight risk, and appear dead set on throwing the book at him. Following a hearing, BBC reveals that Sweden's Prosecution Authority decided to hold him for an additional two weeks, which should theoretically give them enough time to conclude the investigation. Yet the option exists to extend that period, should they prove incapable of concluding their investigation. Given that this entire situation feels stacked against the Testing rapper, it wouldn't be surprising to see Rocky held for yet another fortnight. 

Speaking with Variety, Rocky's lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja revealed the depth of Flacko's disappointment. "He of course is very disappointed and this is a catastrophe for his tour,” explains Lilja, confirming the news that Rocky's remaining tour dates in Ireland, Germany, Russia, and Poland have fallen by the wayside. Until the next development, it remains Free Rocky, as per usual. Rest assured that the A$AP Mob will hold it down in his absence.