Budding artist Ian Connor recently teased A$AP Rocky fans via his Instagram story. Yesterday, the 26-year old fashion designer, previously paired to Yeezy within a creative collaboration, was spotted hanging out with A$AP Rocky. The duo was riding around town and vibing to what sounded like a new song. Rocky is spotted in the insta-story, joyfully rapping along to the lyrics of the untitled and unreleased track. As such, we do spot a set of hard bars. 

This new development only serves in piquing the interest of fans, but there is no album in sight as of yet. Despite promises by Rocky that the album would be coming soon, fans are beginning to grow impatient. Fortunately, this teaser may somehow hint at the completion of the aforementioned project. And if this were the case, then we could confidently say that A$AP Rocky's album is really on the way this time around. Nothing is set in stone as of now, however.

It remains worthwhile to mention that the Harlem-bred artist's lack of album has not halted his musical efforts. The musician newly featured on the Game Of Thrones inspired album with NYC-affiliate Joey Bada$$ for the song "Too Many Gods."