ASAP Rocky recently announced a co-headlining tour with Tyler, The Creator, but so far, we hadn't really heard his thoughts on hitting the road with the Odd Future wildman. In a new interview with Revolt, Rocky spoke of the general respect he has for Tyler as a renaissance man.

"I fuck with Tyler's whole movement," he said. "His aesthetic, what he does -- directs his own videos, produces his own beats, designs his clothes, ran his crew for a while, ran companies and stuff like that. Just being a fellow artist I respect that.

Later on, Pretty Flacko shared his favorite recording session from his recent album, ALLA. His answer was quick, and seemed to be based more on the antics that ensued during the process than the actual music being laid down.

"Probably 'Electric Body,' with Schoolboy," Rocky said with a stoned giggle. "Schoolboy a fool man. That motherfucker was in there smoking big-ass paper blunts and shit. Old-ass man and shit. Granddaddy Q. Shout out to my boy."

Watch the full interview below.