A$AP Rocky chopped it up with Pitchfork's Selector and talked about how he first got into rapping because of his brother, and the difference between the "ambient beats" produced by Clams Casino and Araab.You can check out  the video clip of the interview below.

On The First Time He Started Rapping:

“I first started rapping when I was eight years old. My brother put me on to it, he told me to kick out and bust out with a freestyle,” he said. “He was banging on the table with a pencil and he had like a tape deck recorder and he was recording himself live and I just started rapping off the top. From there, he gave me enough confidence to pursue rap. So I owe him.”

On The Difference Between Clams Casino & Araab:

“They both have the same kind of ambient feel to it, it’s just one is more raw and the other is more intriguing and classical,” he said. “For instance, araab would make an ambient beat but it’s something that sounds hard - pause. And Clams, he might make an ambient beat and it’s like druggy and it makes you want to lay back and go to sleep and rest in the clouds. I learned how to manifest people to like both.