Last time we posted about A$AP Rocky’s fashion world forays, one of you jokesters in the comments said that A$AP Rocky was more like a model who occasionally raps. The latest video featuring Rakim Mayers isn’t going to do much to change that opinion, if you have it. For their Spring 2017 editorial promo video titled REMIX FASHION, European retailer Zalando tapped A$AP Rocky to be the star.

The premise of the video has high fashion models entering “A$AP Hotel” in their high fashion gear. Then Rocky introduces his mix of low and high-brow looks, combining runways designers with streetwear and athletic apparel. The whole time, “Yamborghini High” plays in the background and the visuals are dipped in moody colors. It honestly doesn’t work half bad as a music video.

Check out the Zalando store here. Be forewarned, it’s pretty pricey.