Flacko Jodye's Injured Generation tour has been chock-full of rollicking good times. Not only has the mosh-pit been lively, in honor with the tour's title, but the ladies have taken to pelting Rocky with brassieres whenever the occasion strikes. The tradition of pelting the stage with bras dates back centuries; they say that gladiators used to watch sheepskin bosom-holders rain upon them after a particularly entertaining tilt. Now, Rocky has reaped the benefits, and recently took to the stage with his full collection in tow. 

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Holding a fistful of bras in each hand like a hunter claiming his prize, Rocky stands, statuesque, as the ladies disrobe willingly. A surface count estimates over a dozen in total, with enough volume that Rocky could likely use them as whips in the event of a stage rusher. Still, he appears to be more lover than fighter in these recent times, and one has to wonder if his collection will continue to grow as the tour progresses. All signs point to yes.