A$AP Rocky recently spoke to Fuse about his upcoming album with his fellow A$AP members, LongLiveA$AP.

A$AP Rocky promises that no other album can touch it in the interview.

"This is really the most passionate thing I ever did...It's really one of my best creations thus far." He continued, "It's nothing out that's gunna be compatible to LongLiveA$AP. Nobody's project is gunna be touchin' this 'cause it's not just like, hip-hop. This is a revolution, I embarked on something new."

"If you into some punk rock, you gunna fuck with us, if you into some backpack shit, you gunna fuck with us, if you into some old school '90s shit you gunna fuck with us, if you into some gnarly melodic shit, you gunna fuck with us," Rocky promises of LongLiveA$AP.

A$AP Mob, A$AP Yams, Bryan Leach, Chase Infinite, were some of the names Rocky listed for collabs you can expect.

He also spoke on his UK Documentary, which will be on the news on prime time in London. 

Watch the full interview below.