A$AP Rocky and his label took the reigns on an album leak when they decided to release A.L.L.A. a week before it's due date. The final tracklist showed off a few familiar names, like Kanye West and Lil Wayne, and a few that were unfamiliar, like Joe Fox. Our host Baker sat down with Rocky to discuss the album last night, and dig deeper into three specific tracks: "Canal St.," "Jukebox Joints" and "M'$."

"Canal St." not only featured the UK singer whom Rocky apparently stumbled in London, but it also featured a sample from Soundcloud success Bones. Flacko details coming across Bones on the internet, and turning to the A$AP Mob visionary Yams for direction. "What happened was, I saw it online and I thought it was fire. I was like, 'yo Yams, you ever heard of this kid Bones?' He was like, 'yeah of course I know Bones'," Rocky tells us. "I wanna tell him I wanna fuck with that "Dirt" song, and he was like, 'bet, bet, I got you.' And Yams just linked it up."

We also get to find out more details about "Jukebox Joints" with Kanye West. "I told him, I said, I want one of the old, sample kinda beats, and he just went right in," Rocky elaborates. "He gave me the beat in Paris, and Che [Pope] gave me the beginning part, [sings] 'and I'm a man of my word, and I got nothing at all,' he gave me that part in Bon Iver's house in Wisconsin, middle of nowhere. And I just collided both together, to make it cohesive." Well, that makes complete sense given the song does really sound like two different records fused together. 

Finally, we had to find out about the Weezy verse on "M'$." "Everybody be talking about, 'oh Wayne...' talking shit or whatever, but let's not forget what he did. And then when they keep talking crazy, that's when he go on "M'$" and just...I was gunna do my verse over! It was just too late, I was gunna do my verse over," Rocky reveals.

He goes on to tell us how it was Yams who was constantly pushing for the Wayne verse, "I always wanted him on it. That was a Yams thing, Yams made that happen. Yams linked up with his bro Capo, next thing you know Mack Maine reached out, they showed love. It was just straight love, and Yams was adamant. 'You gotta have Wayne on there.' I'm like, 'aight bro,' he kept saying it, kept saying it. I just went to London, and I was like, 'aight, we gon' still get Wayne on here, let me just do this real quick,' he was like, 'cool.' I put that out on some freestyle shit. But for the album, this is clearly the album version. He went mixtape Weezy on it."

Watch the full interview below.